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rumors running wild

i have been checking a lot of sites lately and have noticed that there have been a lot of rumors about hulk hogan returning to the wwe for wrestlemania xxi, while i am excited about him going to the grandest stage of them all, i am worried that it will be the same old mcmahon family swerve. hogan and his daughter verses vince and stephanie, so the daughter turns on the hulkster and then vince wins and embarasses the hulk. well, hulk hogan deserves better than that. he helped build that company, and is one of the main reasons that it exsists to this day. yes hogan left for wcw, but vince did not want him anymore. plain and simple. so hulk left. whos fault is that, not hogan's vince's. so i think hulk hogan should tell vinny mac to go screw himself.
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